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Clive and Audrey run the North East Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue in County Durham and have been involved in rescue for many years. Also involved in the show dog world, their Nozac prefix is a well known and respected name. The rescue's aim is to offer advice and information to owners and help with rehoming dogs if necessary. We are in desperate need of more foster homes.

Contact: Clive and Audrey Hubery

Telephone: 01388 606 000


Norma's Rescue is based in Leicestershire but actually covers most of the Midlands area. She, along with her husband Richard, purchased their first Stafford in the early eighties and there began a lifetimes dedication to the Breed. She first became involved with Rescue by helping with home checks and assessments finally becoming Co-Ordinator for the area. Norma has seen a great change over recent years where the number of unwanted dogs has grown beyond all reason, adding to an already demanding and often heartbreaking situation the only reward being that of a successful rehoming which gives the dog a new chance in life. Often these animals are mistreated or sorely neglected and desperately need a little TLC, or they may have been in a loving home where due to a death or illness the dog has to be rehomed through no fault of his own. Homes are desperately needed but not all lifestyles are suitable for this boisterous, affectionate but demanding breed.

Contact: Norma Vann

Telephone: 01162 606 365



Barbara has been involved with breed rescue since 1979. In the beginning the number of dogs passing through the scheme was very.low. It is a very different story today, with so many Staffords looking for new homes. Help is needed in several ways. We are always looking for homes and people to check them, so if you can do that we would be pleased to hear from you

Contact: Barbara Green

Telephone: 01204 573 942